The Wildflower team are currently working hard to improve our lovely boxes, we will be back soon, please bear with us! All our love xx 

Welcome to

Outdoor inspired Subscription boxes designed for 2-5year olds

Kids Gardening
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Our Goals

We want to create a movement that inspires and aids adults to reconnect to nature and strengthens children's already existing bond with the natural world. We want our monthly packages to excite, educate and inspire the whole family to spend time together reaping the rewards of the great outdoors. 

We have partnered with One Tree Planted as a promise to give back to our wonderful planet, with every box sold we will donate to One Tree Planted so each box that you enjoy will mean a new tree is planted! 


herbs, fruits and vegetables

Each month there will be a different herb, fruit or vegetable to grow. Your subscription box will contain a seed pouch with instructions of how to grow and care for you the little seed. This will aid the children in developing their first garden.  


Outdoor sustainable living

Each month your wildflower subscription box will contain realms of information and inspiration to get you and the whole family out into the great outdoors. Each box will also contain a scavenger hunt card and will teach you about the forest wildlife that month. 


Healthier food

Your wildflower Subscription box will also contain a tasty recipe card and an information card inspired to aid parents with nourishing the whole family. For believe for full family wellness, you not only need to spend lots of time outdoors but you also need to nourish for health. 


A special note to our Muddy Boots Families 

Hello and Welcome to Wildflower Subscription boxes. Thanks for joining us on our new venture! As you are already part of the family and your child attends Muddy Boots Nursery School please use code Muddy10 to receive a loyalty 10% off of every box you order. 

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