Taking Care of Our Local Spaces

This seems to be the year to stay at home, from staycations to family days out. Instead of getting down about it why not make the most of it and take advantage of exploring your local spaces with the whole family, you might LOVE what you find.

There is no doubt that there is most likely a local forest space near to where you live. We live 5 minutes away from this amazing space and we only discovered it this Summer!

A great activity you can do as a family out and about this Autumn, is to make an Animal House! We spent a morning out in the great outdoors foraging for all types of things to make our house. This is a great start to teaching our little ones about our environment. We talked about what will keep our animals warm and what animals will live in this house.

This was such a great activity to get the whole family involved. Try starting off by talking about different lengths, shapes and sizes of the sticks your collecting, this is a great way to extend your child’s vocabulary. If your child says ‘this is a big stick’ try offering new words like ‘Wow that sticks enormous’ or ‘Massive’.

Once the house is built we can teach our children that caring for our environment is a positive thing. If they have been involved in the building, they will take ownership for it and want to make sure it is used and they will care about what animals might use it

Children need to experience different things within nature to begin to care for the world in which they live. Why don't you and your family try some of these things to start your journey in taking care of our world-

  1. Explore a new local green space or park area at least once a month

  2. Go on a bug hunt and observe the bugs you find, what they do, where they go and talk about it.

  3. Listen to the different sounds when your out and about. What can you hear? the birds, the trees in the wind.

  4. Search for different types of fungi, observe them, you could even come home and research the different ones you've found.

These are some we found on our walk, all so different and fascinating!