About us 

In 2014 three girls had a dream to open an outdoor learning, eco nursery, this led to the creation of Muddy Boots Nursery School in Dorset. Over the years of running the nursery and learning more and more about the benefits of being outside the girls wanted to create a product that not only further embedded children's roots to nature but one that also reconnected adults to nature, this led to Wildflower being created in 2020.  

Why outdoors? 

It is believed now that we only spend between 1-5% of our time outside! There are so many benefits too are physical and mental health from just spending time outdoors. We want Wildflower to make it fun and easy for parents to spend time outside reaping the many benefits. 

Muddy Boots Nursery School 

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Connecting to nature 

In 2007 words  like magpie, acorn and buttercup were taken out of the English dictionary and words like cut and paste and broadband were added, it is thought that we are becoming more and more disconnected to the outside. Read our latest blog post about 'The importance of nature'